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Training and Presentations

Youth Presentation

(Internet Presentation - share link with youth to listen via their cell phones) $99.00


The Internet is shaping the values of today’s culture. Studies show that 67% of young men and 49% percent of young women consider viewing pornography to be acceptable behavior.


  • The largest group of viewers of Internet porn is children between ages 12 and 17 according to Family Safe Media

  • One-third of Americans 13 and older come across porn weekly or more often, even if they’re not seeking it (33%)

  • One in five Americans 13 and older uses porn weekly or more often (20%)


In this presentation we make youth aware of this important issue, cite the danger and suggest important safeguards.


Agency Trainings

start at $179.00 webinar, $350 in person

Psych-educational groups $450


Sound the Alarm!




Worldwide pornography is about a 100-Billion-dollar industry. This Training address the current state of internet pornography and its impact on women, men and youth.

This training explores the Impact of 24/7 access, novelty, and the virtual world of internet porn on the brain, body function and human relationships. We discuss real world prevention strategies and intervention methods.


Relationships and Self-Identity (personal and social)

This training addresses the connection between Relationships and Individual/Social Identity formation, examining different ways people self-identify in terms of culture, religion, gender, sexuality, and nationality, etc.


Prevention of Relationship Abuse and Violence

This training identifies and discusses relationship abuse and violence and its prevalence world-wide across cultures, economies, and geography. In this area we address current issues such as cyber-bullying, and school place violence in light of specific areas of abuse (physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, and others) perpetrated by men and women, boys and girls in dating and intimate partnerships, and acquaintance, family, school and work environments. Participants consider the impact of abuse and violence on victims, families and systems, as well as legal, personal, and social implications.



This training addresses the important and primary role of Self-Management and effective tools, practices and skills to manage one-self emotionally and behaviorally. We are foremost responsible for our thinking, feeling, and behaving in relationship with others. We will discuss ways to monitor, express and vent feelings, critique and re-direct thoughts, manage time, talent and other personal behavior respectful of ourselves and the differences of others. We will discuss strategies, techniques, and tools for effective anger, stress and affection management.


Healthy Relationships

This training explores healthy relationships recognizing differences and similarities, expectations and roles, and important boundaries. Healthy Relationships are accomplished through ongoing work of people with deliberate minds, managed emotions, chosen behaviors and positive attitudes. We explore areas across the life span for relationship success, uncover important principles and tools for relationship planning, and strategize methods to build and sustain healthier personal and social connections.

Free Presentation (40 minutes)

Sound the Alarm!



With 450 million porn internet sites this presentation addresses a frightening threat to healthy human development facing youth today and profoundly impacting both women and men. Internet Pornography is linked to depression, social anxiety, suicide, apathy and disillusionment in relationships, sexual assault, and rape.

For example, males 18-25-year-olds are currently the fastest growing population experiencing erectile dysfunction (porn-induced erectile dysfunction) out pacing older men, adding to their current crisis in experiencing failure educationally, socially and in business.This free presentation offers a snap shot on the Porn challenge for both boys and girls and appropriate responses.

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