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Online Presentation: For Administrators, Teachers, and Students

“Hammer & Saw: What’s in your Tool Box?”


Relationship Literacy Program (A Healthy Relationship Program)


In light of the high incidences of Cyber Bullying and other relationship abuses, Author Brian C. Alston (Relationship Literacy: Relationships are Treasures 2007) discusses the Relationship Literacy Program - a set of principles, strategies, and tools for positive human interaction.


In a time in history when conflict is addressed more often violently and by putting an end to relationships through severing ties, this Presentation will introduce The Relationship Literacy Program, an effective set of tool to build long-term positive relationships with others. 







The Relationships are Treasures curriculum is an abuse and violence prevention curriculum that focuses on ways to create and sustain healthy relationships with others, be they family, friends, casual acquaintances, or authority figures. While exploring the life of the colorful character Wealthy Williams, the curriculum engages participants with easy-to-use lesson plans and with stand-alone educational activities. Relationship Literacy online can function as a standalone program or strong addition to other character development and/or violence prevention programs. 

Books for further study by Brian C. Alston

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