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Brian C. Alston -- Developer and Facilitator

We all need connection.

The Relationship Literacy Program accomplishes the following objectives:


  • Discusses the connection between Relationships and Individual/Social IdentityDevelopment

  • Defines and Discusses different Types of Relationship Abuse and Violence

  • Reviews Personal, Social and Legal implications of Relationship Abuse and Violence

  • Identifies the Effects of Abuse and Violence on Victims

  • Teaches Skills and Tools to Self-Manage Emotionally and Behaviorally

  • Practices Affection, Anger, and Stress Management Techniques

  • Encourages Greater Personal Responsibility to address Relationship Abuse and Violence

  • Teaches Nonviolent, Healthier ways to resolve conflict and vent feelings like Affection, Anger, and Stress

  • Encourages Personal Responsibility for Relationship Outcomes

  • Identifies Principles and Practices necessary to Effect Healthier Relationships


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